Kenosha Comes Alive 2013

Kenosha Comes Alive 2013

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The Kenosha Comes Alive 2013 compilation "Music Scene & Heard 2013" is the product of Kenosha-based musician organization MAAM.  The proceeds from this album benefit Kenosha Unified School District music programs.  The Apollo Affair is proud to have contributed music to this project.

Track Listing:

1) The Soul Vitamins - On My Way
2) The Apollo Affair - Save Yourself
3) Too Much Saturn - I Don't Wanna Say
4) Blue Edge of the Prairie - A Special Kind of Fool
5) Mandy Z & Rural Route One - Baby I Need to See You
6) Brent Mitchell Trio - Child of God
7) Crucianelli Project - Searching
8) Tamara V - Choose Love
9) Kenowhere Kilts - Wiener's Worry
10) Feet of Clay - She Said
11) Keith Minikel - All the Things
12) Big Leaf Linden - Whiskey Don't Lie
13) Jumping Parker - Spectre
14) Whiskey Sin - My Sour Whiskey

Digital Tip Jar

If you enjoy what The Apollo Affair is doing and would like to assist them with the funding necessary to record their debut album, please visit our digital tip jar at  or scan the QR code below to make a donation via your smart phone.